AZ Won’t Comply With Federal Sex Offender Database Law

Legislator: AZ Won’t Comply With Federal Sex Offender Database Law

Cara Liu
Reporter, KPHO CBS 5 News
POSTED: 9:23 pm MST March 9, 2011UPDATED: 6:50 am MST March 10, 2011

PHOENIX — Arizona could soon lose thousands of dollars in federal funding if it does not comply with a federal sex offender database law.

The Adam Walsh Act, passed in 2006, requires states to follow the same rules for a national sex offender registry. The deadline to comply with those rules is July 27.

 VIDEO: Lawmaker Explains Sex Offender Law Decision

And it looks like Arizona will choose to leave the money on the table.

“It’s a couple hundred thousand dollars,” said Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, D-District 15. “We’ve decided that amount we’ll lose is less than the amount of money it’ll cost to comply. In addition, we feel like complying is not a good idea in some areas, as it actually makes Arizona law worse.”

Sinema said she was part of a 22-member committee that studied the issue more than a year ago.  “For example, Level One sex offenders don’t have to register. A homeless person urinates in an alley. In Arizona, that’s a Level One sex offense, but that’s not a person who represents a threat to the community. By putting them on the registry, we make police officers focus more time on people who are not a threat and have less time to focus on people who are a threat,” said Sinema.

 Alisa Klein, MAIPS
Public Policy Consultant
Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers
18 Chestnut Avenue
Leeds, MA 01053

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1 Response to AZ Won’t Comply With Federal Sex Offender Database Law

  1. Lori Bee says:

    As it should be….go AZ!!!!!

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