Support Merit Time Reform in NYS…sign the Petition at

Why This Is Important
this is a call for action and support from the family, friends, advocates and all new yorkers on favor of expanding the merit time law for some A-1 felons.

Those skeptical, or unfamiliar with the law, New York is one of the few states without one. A law that is very successful and saves millions of the tax dollars each year. it is time off the sentences “IF” select inmates exhibit good behavior throughout their sentences and complete all rehabilitative and educational programming. Safeguards are also in place through this law, the Prison and Parole Systems to keep the most violent offenders behind bars (1st degree murder, life without parole, terrorism, incest, violent sex offenders, etc).
For more details and to voice your support, contact the senator and assemblymen below.
This law only benefits those men and women who made a bad decision, and committed a crime during a lapse of sound judgment, or were wrongfully convicted. Statistics, as reported by the Parole Commission at Legislative Hearings, show of the almost 800 violent felons released during the past 5 years, only 2 returned for a new crime.
The Governor’s Commission on Sentencing Reform even recommended it. due to these statistics, and because it promotes rehabilitation, improves discipline and safety in the prisons, helps to better millions of tax dollars in housing, clothing, food, medical care, and other court and state costs.
Your voice and support are needed now, contact our Governor, your Senator(s), Assemblymen and Women, your local community leaders, family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. TOGETHER we can make this happen.

Governor Andrew Cuomo
State Capitol
Albany, N.Y. 12224

Senator Velmanette Montgomery
(drafter of the bill)
Legislative Office Bldg.
Albany N.Y. 12247

Assemblyman Jeffrion Aubry
(drafter of the bill)
Legislative Office Bldg.
Albany N.Y. 12248

For your district Senators and Assembly people, to go or AND or

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