Continue Right-Sizing Prison

62 2013-14 New York State Executive Budget
Continue Right-Sizing Prison Capacity. To realign the prison system’s capacity with
continuing declines in the offender population and to achieve recurring savings for taxpayers, the Executive Budget recommends the closure of two prisons – Bayview in Manhattan and Beacon in Dutchess County. The Bayview Correctional Facility was evacuated as a result of Superstorm Sandy and continues to be vacant. These two facilities are the least efficient in the State prison system. Bayview’s total staff cost per inmate is $74,385, and Beacon’s total staff cost per inmate is $69,863. These numbers are compared to a $34,193 benchmark, representing the most efficient DOCCS facilities. The closures are expected to reduce bed capacity by more than 432, and willsave $18.7 million in 2013-14, growing to $62.1 million in 2014-15, including proceeds from thesale of Bayview. Legislation in the Executive Budget reduces the one-year notificationrequirement for these prison closures to 60 days.
•Reduce Reoffending with Targeted Grants. Alternatives to Incarceration programs (ATIs)
offer employment, treatment, and supervision services to offenders residing in the community, so
that they do not commit another crime or violate the conditions of their parole or probation. The
Executive Budget proposes that an existing $11.4 million in funding for ATIs be restructured as a
competitive grant program targeting the highest risk offenders. The program restructuring is
based on a new “Results First” model that is based on achieving the maximum return on

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