Inmate assaults correction officer at Woodbourne Correctional Facility

Inmate assaults correction officer at Woodbourne Correctional Facility
By Victor Whitman
Published: 8:37 AM – 02/13/13
Last updated: 8:39 AM – 02/13/13
WOODBOURNE – State correction authorities say a New York City man serving 11 years for robbery assaulted an officer on Monday at Woodbourne Correctional Facility while he was frisking the prisoner after noticing a suspicious bulge in the inmate’s socks.
Nesto Romero, 27, is accused of elbowing the officer in the ear while the officer was performing “a pat frisk” around noon in the dormitory, said Linda Foglia, a spokeswoman for the state Department of Correctional Services.
The officer sustained a minor injury to his ear. Other correction officers responded and secured Romero in his cell. Authorities recovered 24 pills, 12 in each sock. Romero has been charged with several internal disciplinary violations.
No criminal charges have yet been filed, Foglia said. Romero is eligible for parole in December 2015. Foglia said Romero has had four disciplinary violations but no violent incidents since first imprisoned in July 2008.
This is the first assault by an inmate on a correctional officer at the medium security prison since April 1, 2011.

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