Vivian Nixon, Co-Founder of the EIO Coalition, recognized for efforts to increase higher education access for justice involved students

(Albany, NY) – Today Vivian Nixon, Executive Director of College and Community Fellowship and Co-founder of the Education from the Inside Out Coalition was honored by the New York State Senate as part of Women’s History Month. In a resolution introduced by Senator Velmanette Montgomery, Ms. Nixon was recognized for her commitment to access to higher education and opportunity, particularly for those who have had contact with the criminal justice system. The resolution recognizes her past and current efforts advocating on behalf of currently and formerly incarcerated individuals as well as her role as a community leader.

Vivian Nixon said, “I am deeply honored to be recognized for my work by the legislature. As a woman, and particularly a woman of color, I have dedicated myself to advocate on behalf of those who traditionally do not have a place at the decision making table. It is my hope that this recognition serve not to place me in the spotlight, but rather highlight how much work there is still left to be done in order to ensure access to higher education for all New Yorkers.”

Currently a bill (S6437/A8574) to improve college access for formerly incarcerated individuals is under consideration in the legislature. The bill, inspired by Vivian Nixon’s challenges and eventual success in attaining higher education is known as Vivian’s Law. If enacted into law it would remove the question on college applications asking about past criminal involvement, which as studies have shown, has no actual affect in the rate of crime on campuses.

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