Ban Post-Prison Discrimination – Educate, Don’t Discriminate – Overhaul Public Defense – Raise the Age – Support, Don’t Incarcerate, Domestic Violence Survivors – End the War on Drugs

ALSO INCLUDED in the May 5th Day of Action:

10 a.m. Press Conference, LCA Press Room, Rm. 130 Legislative Office Building
Full day of legislative meetings, gather 10-10:30 A.M., Room 211
To join in lobbying, contact Suzie at or 646-459-3044
Sponsored by Campaign for Alternatives to Solitary Confinement

Gather at the Million Dollar Staircase, 4th floor west side Capitol Building
Sponsored by The Riverside Church Parole Reform Campaign

New York Against Prison Injustice

The problem – the criminal justice system:
•locks up far too many people, for far too long – 86,000 in prisons and jails in New York State
•cages people under harsh & inhumane conditions, including solitary confinement and staff abuse
•fails to release people who demonstrate readiness to return home
•is racially targeted against communities of color
•imposes lifelong post-prison discrimination
•prevents real solutions to social problems
•breaks up families and harms communities
•is not effective – does not keep communities safe

There is a better way:
•restorative, reintegrative, & community-based justice instead of punishment
•public health solutions to addiction & mental illness
•economic & social solutions: jobs, housing, food, healthcare, education, racial justice
•community safety & healing rather than revenge
•invest in strengthening communities instead of more law enforcement

Steps to get there:
•reform parole: approve applicants based on fair evaluation; pass SAFE parole act
•release elders: if the risk is low, let them go
•ban solitary confinement and use more humane and effective alternatives
•ban post-prison discrimination in education, jobs, housing, and voting
•support people coming home; ensure access to medical, mental health, & substance abuse care
•overhaul the public defense system statewide
•create a truth, justice, and reconciliation commission for racial impacts of mass incarceration
•raise the age of criminal responsibility to 18 for all children to be treated as children
•make higher education available to all, in and out of prison; stop the school to prison pipeline
•end the war on drugs and use a public health approach to address addiction
•pass domestic violence survivors justice act—support, not incarceration, for survivors
•stop local jail expansion; stop stop and frisk; reform bail practices
•end surveillance, infiltration, entrapment of members of Muslim, Arab, & S Asian communities
•stop mass deportations & support immigrant families
•invest in community-based mental health care and use crisis intervention teams
•end all shackling of pregnant women; support family ties; bring back the buses
•reduce draconian prison sentence lengths; use restorative justice & alternatives to incarceration
•free all political prisoners

Who we are: people working to replace mass incarceration, punishment, abusive prison conditions, and racial targeting with humane, community-based, effective solutions for community safety & well-being.

-new york state prisoner justice network-riverside church prison ministry parole reform campaign- campaign for alternatives to isolated confinement-release aging people in prison-center for law and justice-prison action network-campaign to end the new jim crow- education from the inside out coalition-raise the age campaign-prisoners are people too-end the new jim crow action network-ithaca prisoner justice network-nys defenders justice fund-binghamton justice projects-capital area against mass incarceration-new york students rising-drug policy alliance-coalition for women prisoners-nyc jericho movement-muslim solidarity committee

For more information:

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