This program is the brain-child of attorney Cheryl L. Kates Benman!
( Take a look at her steadfast contributions in the area of Criminal Justice… )


in the LIVE filming of a panel discussion regarding Mark Gizewski and gear up in the international campaign for his release. Guy tweedy is scheduled to be here from England. Film producer Deirdre Sinnott and attorney John Cherundolo, of Syracuse, will be on hand. Check out for additional information on this effort.

The actual ‘Innocence Panel, includes attorneys Jon Getz, Donald Thompson and Robert Brenna Jr. (please see Taunja Isaacs film regarding the betty tyson case to gain additional insight on this)

What about that ‘Felony Murder Rule’ … See Deirdre Sinnotts ’23 Reasons’ film. Hear about the campaign to free Pascal Carpenter. Atty. Cheryl L. Kates Benman and Deirdre will be ‘goin’ in on this one.’

Joy Bergfalk will talk about Coffee Connections and Reentry. Former parole board chairman George Alexander will also be here discussing the subject of Reentry…

Alan Rosenthal will talk about ‘Ban the Box’…Reentry Issues. Barbara Allen will also be on hand with Deb Bozdyk, from CURE NY, talking about having incarcerated loved ones.

Hear from our very own Leticia D. Astacio, candidate for City Court Judge!

See & hear our own Valencia Metcalf and Brotha John Norris present on Community Healing and Violence… Mark David Blum and Nicholas Eyle will present on drug policy issues…Nate Buckley speaks on political prisoners…Audrey Thomas will present on representing “unpopular” defendants — she will also be broadcasting LIVE the ‘Audrey Thomas Empowerment Hour’ …

Sharisse Bell will be on hand talking about ‘Reentry and Technology’!


DJ BOO = InThere

Up and coming area artist Markas Kates will present in a ‘Contemporary Art Show’ in concert with The Rochester Black Arts Council’s renowned artists Lujar Art, & Johnnie Lee Smith’s Art…in addition to Brian Muccullough and Pooker A. Astacio…there’ll even be LIVE paintings taking place — CENTER STAGE ALL DAY — in along with the panel conversation. Also, hear from Jean D ‘Poetry From Jalil Muntaquim’ … Scot Ebanks will perform via Video a little Spoken Word

Vendors will also be available to provide VERY helpful Criminal JUSTUS information!

If you’ve been looking for guidance with regard to navigating the MANY issues surrounding this…system…you want to be there.

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