As we complete more than 30 years of CURE NY activities including this copy of the Fall 2014 CURE NY newsletter, we hope that our work has been of value to you. In 2015, we are planning to continue and expand our partnership with you to transform New York’s criminal justice system.

Deb and I serving as co-presidents of CURE NY are so excited about the upcoming year and hope that it is the best year yet for CURE NY. We are working to expand our organization and newsletter to improve our work in the community. With the decision to expand, comes the increased financial cost of doing so.

We will need between $ 700-1000 to re-do the CURE website. It is outdated and not compatible with new operating systems with phone and tablet use. We are expanding the newsletter to 8 pages and including incarcerated people’s input on one of the pages. To do this we will need $ 700.00 per newsletter instead of $ 400.00. ($ 2800.00 per year if we publish 4 times a year). We also discussed doing an annual meeting/conference as was done in the past, this too will require funding.

We are asking for your help! We have come up with a list of how you can help us achieve our goal of making 2015 the best year yet!

· We will seek to increase our membership inside and out generating increased membership fees;

· · Encourage people you know to send CURE NY a “ holiday gift donation”;

· Consider making a donation yourself;

· If you have access to people participating in inmate organizations seek a donation;

We are sending out a member input form to seek your interests in possible criminal justice issues we will focus working on in the upcoming year.

We discussed working on some of the following:

· Although we support parole reform, we discussed that CURE NY does not endorse the Safe Parole Reform Act as written, so we discussed other ways we could assist in seeking reform and we discussed raising awareness about culpability and actual innocence may be a do-able goal;

· Increasing awareness about domestic violence;

· California recently allowed inmates in their prisons access to tablets. We agreed in order to have successful re-entry people must be familiar with computers so we agreed to look at technology in prisons in NY;

· Continuing the study of parole statistics and supporting the reform of parole;

· The plan to expand will increase the content and circulating of the newsletter both through inside membership and through the use of social media and our website. We will begin to use Twitter , Facebook and the blog to do this. The blog can be found at

· Re-entry housing ;

· In Connecticut recently a wrongfully convicted person was appointed to the Parole Board. We are exploring ideas of seeking to find someone engaged in reform to participate in trying to accomplish something like this in NY;

· Cheryl L. Kates-Benman Esq. , formerly a guest host on “ Voices Beyond the Wall Radio” will now give legal updates on parole issues in the CURE-NY newsletter. Chris NG, new Board member also an attorney will assist with this and it will begin in our February newsletter;

We look forward to making 2015 the best year yet! Please send in the membership fee before January 1, 2015. The address to send fees and donations to is CURE NY 207 Riverside Avenue Scotia NY 12302.

Deb Bozydaj and Cheryl L. Kates-Benman Esq.

Presidents of NY CURE

Please send in with your membership fee of due ASAP

2014-2015 Membership Questionnaire


Contact information:




Phone numbers:____________________________________

Email address:____________________________________________

Twitter Handle:___________________________________________

Facebook Page__________________________________________

Do you use Facebook?___________Twitter?__________________

What criminal justice issues are you currently interested in or working on?_____________________



Do you wish to receive your newsletter via email or through mail?______________


Sponsor: $500.00

Life: $ 100.00

Sustaining: $ 50.00

Family: $ 20.00

Basic $ 10.00

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One Response to Join CURE-NY

  1. Its with great sadness we announce that long-time Board member , editor and Treasurer Jim Murphy has tendered his resignation effective December 18, 2014.We will miss Jim’s witty articles but he indicated he may continue being involved with CURE-NY as a volunteer. I’m sure you’ll still hear from him in this capacity. We honor Jim’s commitment to reform in criminal justice and the many years of service he has given us!

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