The Center for Community Alternatives Congratulates the New York State Commission On Youth, Public Safety & Justice and Applauds Governor Cuomo’s Support for Juvenile Justice Reform

The Commission on Youth, Public Safety, and Justice, appointed by Governor Cuomo, presented its recommendations to the Governor on January 19, 2015. The Commission offered significant reforms to New York State’s juvenile justice system starting with a proposal to treat 16, 17 and 18 year old youth as juveniles rather than face adult criminal sanctions and incarceration in adult facilities.

Governor Cuomo announced his intention to seek to implement these recommendations. This continues the Governor’s groundbreaking work on juvenile justice reform that began with the “Close to Home” initiati

New York is only one of two states where youth at age 16 are automatically treated in the adult criminal justice system. Youth then can face incarceration in an adult facility and a criminal record that can follow them for the rest of their lives. Reforming the system to allow 16 -18 year old youth to be treated as juveniles increases the prospects for accessing developmentally-appropriate interventions and services that can help them become productive and law-abiding adults

CCA has long supported the proposed reforms as a lead organization in coalitions such as Raise the Age – New York Campaign and the Alliance for Youth Justice and Safety to advocate for treating adolescents as juveniles and not adults. We congratulate the Commission for its important work and applaud Governor Cuomo for his leadership on reforming the justice system.

We urge all of our friends and colleagues to work to ensure legislative passage of these reforms.

Please join us on March 10 in Albany to show your support for juvenile justice reform.

You can access a copy of the Commission’s recommendations here.

To find out more about Raise the Age New York, visit

To find out more about supporting Raise the Age legislation in Albany, please contact:

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