C.M. writes from Taconic CF:

Since my transfer from Bedford Hills CF, in late August of 2014, I noticed Taconic lacks the programs which would enhance the morale and self-esteem of the women here. Further, the deficiency of programs here diminshes the ability of the women to prepare for their re-entry. When we raised these issues to the ILC, the efforts for productive change were frowned upon and discouraged.

This facility is stagnant and stale. The women here have nothing to occupy their time. and as a result are idle. Idle time is troubling time. More efforts should be extended to the needs of women. They should also be heard when they speak. The main goal of the Department of Corrections should be to reduce the recidivism rate.

I will add the women could greatly benefit from a higher standard of health care; both medical and mental health. The mental health officials would prefer to medicate an individual rather than deal woth the root of the problem.

I am a fierce advocate for my fellow women here but picture climbing Mt. Everest during a blizzard while wearing flip flops.. I hand my hands full.

The women at Taconic would like the following programs:

Rehabilitation through the Arts;

Arts and crafts;

Career Development;

Culinary Arts vocational;

Narcotics Anonymous;

Domestic Violence;

Sign Language

Preparation classes for the Parole Board;

PALS: Peers and Adolescents Learning Survival Skills in Prison

General Business

Money Crimes/Addiction


Food Service

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