CURE-NY Report on February 28, 2015 Event

Our event was very successful over the weekend. We were able to raise funds at the meeting to offset our remaining expenses. Our meeting was paid for by money we raised except ( 75,.00) We were able to provide breakfast. We had a good turn out wherein all of the Board except 1 member was able to attend. Many members of our advisory counsel also attended.

It was a great day where everyone got to meet face to face. We also were able to meet Hans and establish a positive relationship to repair any damage caused from the previous failure to contact him. He will also attend and assist at our next event in April. He was very positive about the event and glad to be included.

We had several speakers including Galen of CURE National and all left on a positive note.We set a goal for each participant to recruit 5 new members by the luncheon and to bring a friend with them to the luncheon. We feel those goals are obtainable. We obtained a new member at the event.

We established a relationship with one of speakers wherein we may receive additional pro bono assistance on fundraising and we will be discussing with one of our future attorney members a fundraiser in the Upper NYC area in the near future. We discussed other possible goals etc. The bonding time was also positive as we went to dinner with people both Friday and Saturday evening. We demonstrated the ” elevator speech” technique at the saturday night dinner to two of our advisory counsel members and two Board members while at the Melting Pot and secured a commitment of a gift certificate for our upcoming golf tournament. Overall it was a success.

Galen was excellent and he engaged the crowd . Everyone enjoyed his presentation. He was very professional and knowledgable. It was a pleasure to have him with us.

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