URGENT…CURE-NY needs your help..regarding the arrest of Audrey A. Thomas, Esq.

Although I believe that ego has no place in the law, today I was given a violent reminder that we are humans first and everything else second as I was arrested, handcuffed, escorted out of AP1F, and paraded throughout the common hallway for my colleagues, client’s family, paralegal, and court officers to see.

This all stems from an incident where my client was erroneously released from Riker’s Island and the Corrections detective came to my office looking for the client and I refused to speak to them or to help them in anyway.

When the Detective told me I was being arrested today for assaulting an officer I thought:

“My pdb (per diem boyfriend) is a retired detective but whatever I did to him was done between two consenting adults at an appropriate location during intimate encounters, I don’t think that constitutes assault.”

I later learned that it wasn’t my PDB but instead one of the Detectives that came to my office looking for my client claimed that when he came to my office looking for my client, I hit him.

Nooooo! I did not hit him, and I am hurt that you even thought of that question. Some FB friend you are.

Anyway, please pray for me as I try to ponder how to own this so that I don’t become hateful, bitter, or corrupted by this unfortunate experience.

We are humans first and everything else second!

I didn’t do this but I am sure Patsy will say “you must have done something wrong Sandy people are not gonna go to such lengths to embarrass and humiliate you unless you did something to them.”

All I did was follow the rules of ethics and refuse to violate attorney client privilege and that got me arrested.

I am thankful for the team of professionals who carried out the arrest, as they treated me like they recognized that I am human first and a person accused of a crime second.

I pray G_d returns the favor they showed me and protect them as they continue to do their jobs.

As for my accuser, I pray G_d will heal my heart so I will not hate him. That is good enough a prayer.

I just can’t understand why he would say I hit him. That bothers me and I know it will slow down my forgiveness of him. However, I am a Christian Human first and everything else second so eventually I will forgive him as that is consistent with my nature.

I am trained to pray even for those who despitefully use me.

Keep me in your prayers as I go through the process we call life and I will do the same for you.

I love my life but today’s experience is not one I would have chosen.

Please sign the following letter and show your support for Audrey and fax or email to our organization…thank you

June 22, 2015

Dear Judge and District Attorney;

I, as a concerned citizen, stand with attorney Audrey A. Thomas-Esq. in her pursuit of justice. No law enforcement agency should be allowed to retaliate against an attorney for upholding their constitutional provision that all accused people have the right to an attorney.

An attorney is bound by their oath of office and the rules of professional conduct. One of those rules includes attorney client privilege. No attorney should be retaliated against by law enforcement for upholding that principle. I stand with CURE NY and demand justice for Audrey Thomas and that all pending charges should be immediately dismissed.

(your name here)

Please return to Cheryl Kates-Benman at Cheryl6401@aol.com or via fax to (585) 381-2274

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