A Call for Action from CURE-NY

Cure NY is currently standing up for women like these in the above post regarding Women in prison of Domestic Violence, who under a work release exception can be granted work release when serving a conviction for murder in the second degree.

CURE NY Advisory Council member Michelle Lennon is currently being represented by CURE NY’s Co President Cheryl L. Kates Benman. Cheryl successfully won an appeal after DOCCS officials denied Michelle the right to apply for work release. Currently , after appearing for her application review process ….officials at Taconic CF denied Michelle’s work release application. Cheryl immediately filed an appeal. OFFICIALS cited the serious nature of the crime for the reason of denial. This is the very reason the exception exists…

When recieving the appeal Temporary Release Director Patricia Ledbetter wrote Ms. Kates a letter indicating an attorney couldnt file a work release appeal and she would have to provide a release form in order to even have the appeal reviewed. Ms. Kates requested an extension to file the appeal so that she could finish obtaining required documents under Freedom of Information Laws. DOCCS OFFICIALS AT TACONIC CF were ignoring the provisions of Public Officers Law 87 and delaying the processing of the FOIL requests to prevent and or hinder Michelle’s rights to seek redress. OF course this is a routine problem when dealing with NYS Doccs. Also Ms. KATES was obtaining the bill jacket from the legislative library in Albany to show the NYS legislative intent. Ms. Ledbetter denied the request for an extension.

Ms. KATES FILED THE APPEAL in a timely manner and it was sent express mail to DOCCS. Ms. LEDBETTER DESPITE recieving several filings denied the appeal stating the appeal was not recieved. Ms Kates fought to get the appeal reopened. SHE proved Ms. LEDBETTER recieved the appeal and subsequent filings. MS . Ledbetter after ordering the file acknowledged the original appeal was in the case file and she did not know why it was not reviewed. The case is still pending review.

At this time Ms. CHERYL KATES BENMAN is seeking public support and media to tell Michelle’s story and to shed the light on the atrocities and inefficiencies at the NYS Department of Corrections!!!

In addition Ms. KATES Benman along with CURE NY have called for DOCCS officials to investigate claims of abuse and inadequate programming at Taconic CF….

Join us in the fight to seek justice for Michelle Lennon and the numerous women like her being denied access to even apply for work release when they are eligible. And did I leave out Michelle is also being denied parole for the serious nature of the crime!!!

What can you do ? Join CURE NY…Check us out on Facebook. ..Email Cheryl6401@aol.com or curenewyork@aol.com to get involved. MEMBERSHIP is just ten dollars. Mail your check today to PO Box 1542 Fairport NY 14450. Join our blog. Our newsletter comes out digitally at the current time . LEARN HOW YOU CAN BE A PART OF REFORMING NYS CRIMINAL JUSTICE….Dont just complain about it be about it….CURE NY is a 501 c 3 part of International CURE. We have chapters across the United States…we represent the interests of all people…people currently incarcerated…reentering citizens..families affected by incarceration..concerned citizens….victims of crime…everyone..Its time . WE NEED REFORM IN NYS

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One Response to A Call for Action from CURE-NY

  1. cheryl kates benman says:

    There is a pilot program being used on selective parolees in Monroe County and New York County. Its called Swift and Certain Sanctions. This is a very scary model where parole officials plan to reincarcerate parolees for short time frames like a day…two days…get this with no way to challenge sanction

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