Voices From Inside Taconic

CLM writes:

Greetings from inside the great walls of Taconic Correctional Facility (a.k.a Shawshank the sequel).
CO J is nasty, malicious and unkind to the offender population. She does not follow policy and procedures in accordance to the rules and regulations of the facility. When this is brought to her attention she challenges you. She instigates offenders verbally, harrases and bullies them or worst yet encourages her “friends”  to target the individual also.
The librarian is rude, disrespectful and prejudiced. She has no people skills at all! She turns off the fans so when it is hot we cant tolerate the heat. This discourages any of us from going to the library so she doesn’t have to do any work.
CO W is another member of the warm and fuzzy crew. This CO constantly humiliates and embarrasses people on a regular basis just to make a show.
The women of Taconic CF should not be subject to this abuse.Verbal abuse is not acceptable from state employees.
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