From John Walker-

My name is John Walker . I want to tell you a brief story about my life… The story is about a district attorney,who prosecuted for 16 year old black boys..for murder who “knew” they could have not committed, but instead of doing the right thing, this district attorney tucked away the evidence of innocence and thus condemned three of the boys to lifetime sentencing. After serving decades in prison, the men of indictment #41-413..where released to lifetime parole and begin to uncover the unjust deeds of the district attorney,who by now has risen to surpreme court justice… Armed with the uncovered evidence and determination to prove their innocence beyond any doubt…but still blocked from presenting any evidence in court, due to the manipulation of the “now” supreme court judge, who realize the results of this case making it to court, would not be good for his name or the position he holds.. If my story interest you in any way..I john walker ask that you please come rally with me on Saturday August the 8th at 12 noon till 2pm at Niagara square


For more info –
or Youtube John Walker Justice Delayed

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