Some of the many competitors for prison dollars

Local, state, federal and private jails and prison systems compete for BILLIONS of tax dollars. Corporate contractors compete for cheap and free prisoner labor. Numerous vendors compete for profits to be made by supplying goods to prisons and prisoners.
Prison is a huge industry in the U.S. and tax dollars are the primary source of prison revenue . Yet, the average tax-paying citizen is unaware of this fierce competition.

With the President’s recent visit to a Federal prison and having granted clemency to 46 non-violent federal prisoners, the public’s attention is turning to the criminal justice system. Tax-paying citizens should understand how their tax dollars support corrections and why serious reform is needed.

The average citizen is blissfully unaware they pay $63 BILLION annually to support the lucrative prison industry.

The U.S. Dept. of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics reports 434,420 individuals are employed by the prison system at an average annual wage of $44,910.00 to oversee the incarceration of 2.3+ million prisoners.

Although an enormous disparity in wages for corrections officers ($28K to almost $50K depending on location) the Bureau of Labor projects that by 2022 employment of correctional officers will GROW by 5%, despite predictions that crime rates will decrease over that same period

Like others in the workforce, the 434,420 corrections employees want to assure job security. Not only do they want to retain their jobs, but they want their salaries to INCREASE ANNUALLY. To assure job security and annual pay raises for 434,420 employees, the prison system must continue to grow

Logic alone tells us the prison system only grows by increasing the number of prisoners–the inventory of the prison industry. To continually increase the prison inventory the U.S. must incarcerate more prisoners for longer periods; repeatedly deny parole and assure recidivism of those who are released from prison. This vicious perpetual cycle destroys individual lives and families and deteriorates the quality of life in this country.

The source of inventory for the prison industrial complex.

Reducing the prison population may benefit our country, but it is definitely not embraced by those whose profit by continuing to gorge the already bloated prison population.

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