Join People’s Parole Watch Feb. 27

Dear Parole Justice Family,
 “The people must be able to remain informed if they are to retain control over those who are their public servants. “ NYS Public Officers Law Article 7 Section 100
 Join the Parole Watch Project of the Parole Justice Committee of Capital Area Against Mass Incarceration in witnessing the Parole Board’s monthly meetings. The parole board should not be allowed to do its dirty work in secret! The next Parole Board meeting is Monday, February 27th at 1:00 at the Correctional Services Training Academy, 1134 New Scotland Road, Albany.
We can’t be present at their Kangaroo Court parole hearings, but the Open Meetings Law says they have to allow us into their once a month business meetings – and that’s just what we’ve been doing! For the past three Parole Board meetings, a group of Parole Watchers sat in as silent witnesses. Apparently no one has ever done this before! The board started making the public part of their meetings shorter and shorter, and going into secret Executive Session sooner and sooner.
We did not believe that the Parole Board was following the rules for going into executive session, so we asked the Committee on Open Government for a legal advisory opinion. The Assistant Director of the Committee on Open Government, Kristin O’Neil, Esq., agreed with us. Ms. O’Neil sent the Parole Board a copy of her February 1, 2017 opinion. It stated, in part: “… the chair provided insufficient information to allow the Parole Board and the public to have the ability to know that there is a proper basis for meeting in closed session.”
It would be wonderful to have an even larger turnout at the next Parole Watch now that the Parole Board has been called out on their illegal conduct. You can find details for the meeting and a calendar for the remainder of the year at this link:
Please note that the calendar is subject to change, so please call the Parole Board (518) 473-9548) or Parole Watch (518-253-7533) the morning of the meeting to confirm that the meeting will be held. Be prepared to go through a metal detector.  Bring photo ID and your willingness to fight injustice!
In solidarity,
The CAAMI Parole Justice Committee

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