CURE-NY is a chapter of CURE-National, whose headquarters are in Washington, DC.

CURE-NY is among CURE chapters in 40 states, following the constitution and direction of CURE-National.

CURE-NY does not condone crime, but seeks measured justice combined with healing for victims as well as offenders.

CURE-NY works for anti-crime measures that will save human-resources and taxpayer money, both in New York and nationally.

CURE-NY recognizes that today’s incarcerated are tomorrow’s neighbors. CURE-NY therefore works to improve the productivity and civility of inmates, including the increased use of prisons for education, training, treatment, and general rehabilitation.

CURE-NY works to strengthen family bonds of those incarcerated, as families are the core of a civil society.

CURE-NY works to educate the public, public officials, and interested organizations regarding the best options available in issues that have an impact on the criminal justice and socialization systems.

CURE-NY works to mobilize public opinion in favor of needed reforms of the criminal justice system, so as to achieve its crime-reduction, rehabilitation, and civilization goals.

6 Responses to About

  1. Elaine Friedman says:

    I need information about possible family support groups in NY state or NYCity or
    anywhere in Connecticut. Thank you, elaine

    • CURE-NY says:

      There are quite a few groups in NYS/NYC. Are you looking for yourself, or an individual, or for the purpose of creating a directory? If it’s for yourself or a friend, providing me with a region or city would help narrow down the groups I might list for you. I can direct you to someone who would be able to provide info for Connecticut. Please feel free to send an email to curenewyork@aol.com if privacy might be of concern to you.

  2. lori says:

    how can i have a copy of your newletters that come out

  3. smithmarym says:

    Is there an update to the 2002 “The Justice Charter for New York Criminal Justice Reform”?

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