We Dream A World: The 2025 Vision for Black Men and Boys

We Dream A World: The 2025 Vision for Black Men and Boys
This report, published by the Twenty-First Century Foundation, identifies concrete policy solutions to close educational achievement gaps, ensure workforce success, reduce health disparities, improve conditions for low-income fathers, and improve the overall well-being of black men, their families, and communities. To download the report, please click here.
Black men are vital and important members of American
society, especially in their communities. Black families
suff er a great loss when Black men are unable to thrive.
Throughout modern American history, Black men have
struggled to gain their footing and fulfi ll their destinies
as strong, caring and productive members of our society
and their families. The 2025 Campaign for Black Men and
Boys seeks to shape a new future for Black men and boys
in which the social and economic realities of this country
accommodate the pursuit of their dreams. The campaign
strives to create conditions to enable Black boys,
youth and men to realize their goals and contribute
greatly to their families, communities and our nation. By
2025, we dream of a world where Black boys are highly
educated, Black men are anchored in the economic
mainstream, Black boys see in their fathers promising
futures, and entire communities of Black families are
physically and emotionally healthy.
The precarious situation of our nation’s Black men and
boys is due to a complex intersection of race, class,
structural/institutional racism, personal responsibility,
and lack of equal access to opportunity. Their failure to
thrive ignites fi ery debate and inevitably raises questions
about the historical and present-day role this nation
played and continues to play in perpetuating social and
economic circumstances that produce undesirable life
outcomes for Black people, particularly Black males.
Meanwhile, Black men and boys don’t have the proper
tools or resources to pursue their right to life, liberty and
the pursuit of happiness. The time has come to get beyond
debate and to implement bold solutions that focus
on Black men and boys.

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